Deploying Prometheus

There are a number of ways you can deploy Prometheus to Kubernetes:

Three Options

Lets look at these three options available for deploying Prometheus to Kubernetes.

Prometheus Operator

This is a Kubernetes Operator that provides several Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs) that will allow us to define and configure instances of Prometheus via Kubernetes resources. The Operator contains all the logic for managing the deployment and automated configuration of Prometheus based on the YAML configuration the user deployments to Kubernetes.


This project acts as a jssonet library for deploying Prometheus Operator and an entire Prometheus monitoring stack.

Community Helm Chart

This is similar to the kube-prometheus project however the deployment is done via Helm. This is a community driven chart in the stable Helm chart repository.


In the subsequent workshops we will deploy the Prometheus Operator using the community Helm chart however we will disable the default bundled Prometheus instance configuration that is provided so that we can go through the process of using the Prometheus Operator step by step.